GECKO Game Engine & Demo Game

Key Skills: C++, Game Engine Architecture, SFML

The GECKO Game Engine is a 2D game engine I developed over the course of several months in C++ using the SFML library. The engine is split up into a variety of useful systems that provide developers with powerful tools to bring their game idea to life.

To demonstrate its functionality I developed the short demo game “Nuclear Bots” that can be seen in the video above. The game levels were created using the GECKO Level Editor.

I developed an early version of the engine for my ‘Game Engine Construction’ module at Teesside University, where it received a 1st class grade. I then spent several months expanding the functionality of the engine in my spare time before showcasing it, along with the editor, at the 2016 Expotalent and ExpoTees expositions where it received excellent feedback.

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